London Playstation 3 Repair / PS3 Repair

London Playstation 3 Repair / PS3 Repair

We are a foremost store for specialist and affordable Sony PlayStation 3 repairs in London and also for clients all over the UK. We have been fixing PlayStation video game consoles since 2006. Our experienced console repair technicians can have your Original, Slim and Super Slim PS3 models repaired quickly and you can get you back to gaming in no time.

Same Day London PlayStation 3 Repairs

Once we receive your PS3 game console, our experienced technicians will perform a range of diagnostic checks and troubleshooting and then carry out all repairs that your Sony PlayStation 3 requires. We have fixed well over 11,000 PlayStation models! Whether your PS3 game console has the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), Green Light of Death (GLOD), PS3 is not turning on, out of order Blu-Ray drive, hard disk drive (HDD) failure, PS3 error codes, game not loading or playing, dashboard does not start up, not reading discs, PS3 audio problems (distorted or no sound), overheating problems, Bluetooth problems, no video output, wired / wireless (wi-fi) network connection problem on PS3, flashing red light, internal fan is making noises, HDMI port not working, build-up of dust inside the heatsink and fan, Blu-ray Disc / DVD not loading or playing, USB ports not working, drive problems, PS3 power related problems, video card problems, PS3 shuts down after a few seconds, power light flashes or any other issues, we can troubleshoot and fix it, fast!

  • PS3 Yellow Light of Death Repair
  • PS3 Blu Ray Drive Repair
  • PS3 Blu Ray Drive Replacement
  • PS3 Flashing Red Light Repair

Professional Mail in Sony PS3 Repair Services

We provide mail in services for all PS3 console repair services. All parts and labour we provide for London PS3 repair services are covered by a 90-day warranty. We are leaders of London PlayStation 3 repairs and take immense pride in not only in meeting your expectations but also in exceeding them. Drop your faulty or defective original, Sony PlayStation 3 Slim or Sony Playstation 3 Super Slim models at our Central London store or ship it us!


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